Tuesday , July 27 2021

2 Delaware County Women Form Friendship Following Misdialed Phone Call – CBS Philly

DELAWARE COUNTY, Pa. (CBS) — A phone call off by a digit number sparked what will be a lifelong relationship for two Delaware County women. They’ve kept in touch for a year now only over the phone — until Sunday.

Credit: CBS3

The first word out of Anna Forte’s mouth on the phone was an inquisitive one — “Edmond?”

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She was calling a rehab center looking for her husband, but it turns out she was a single digit off. She had dialed the wrong number.

“I still can’t believe that we met with the mistake with one digit on the telephone,” Anna said.

On the other side of that line was Lisa Parks.

“She called the wrong number about a year ago and her voice was shaky, she sounded upset,” Lisa Parks, of Milmont Park, said. “She said it’s so nice to hear someone’s voice.”

Both of their worlds had been turned upside down. Anna could no longer be at her husband’s side and Lisa was out of work but it would seem the phone call was no mistake.

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“She said this is a private home and you dialed the number, but you’re one digit off — I said I’m very sorry to have disturbed you, and we hung up,” Anna said.

Lisa said she couldn’t get her off her mind and had to call her back.

“God told me to answer that call and thank God I didn’t and it was Lisa,” Anna said. “She said ‘It’s Lisa, the lady you called by mistake’ and the conversation started.”

Today, they are friends. Both from Delaware County and both vaccinated and they finally met face to face.

Anna’s husband Edmond died this past year, her faith tells her she was meant to connect with Lisa. Something these ladies call divine appointments.

Credit: CBS3

“She always has an ear for me, listens to me, and we enjoy talking to each other,” Anna said.

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The two women plan to get together regularly.

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