Tuesday , June 15 2021


Mexico City’s ‘Golden Line’ collapse was a tragedy foretold

“It reflects a technological advancement and state-of-the-art features that can only be compared to the construction of the great metro systems of the world,” a Mexico City government official boasted during the kickoff ceremony. The highly publicized ribbon-cutting was attended by the who’s-who of Mexican politics and power at the …

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Sao Paulo Mayor Bruno Covas dies of cancer at 41

Covas was diagnosed with cancer in 2019. It was first discovered in his digestive system and later spread to his bones. He was hospitalized on May 2 at Sao Paulo’s Hospital Sirio-Libanes, where his condition worsened. Covas was elected vice mayor in 2016 and became Sao Paulo’s youngest mayor in …

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Colombia’s protests, explained – CNN

Fueled by frustration over Covid-19’s crushing economic pain and exacerbated by a heavy-handed police response, the upheaval has reached 247 cities and towns, according to Colombia Interior Minister Daniel Palacios. Here’s what you need to know. Colombians first hit the streets on April 28 to protest a controversial fiscal reform …

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Brazil drug raid: 25 killed in Rio de Janeiro favela

Human rights groups and academic researchers say the widely criticized raid in the Jacarezinho favela was among the deadliest operations in the history of Rio de Janeiro, a state of 17 million that in 2020 alone tallied 1,239 people killed by the police, according to the state government’s Institute for …

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