Thursday , June 24 2021


Travel during the Covid-19 pandemic: How safe is it now?

(CNN) — As more people get vaccinated and coronavirus infection rates drop in many parts of the world, people are traveling again in larger numbers. The European Union has announced that it is lifting restrictions for visitors from more than a dozen countries, including the United States. Cruises from the …

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Balloon trips to the edge of space by 2021

(CNN) — If you’re trying to avoid airborne viruses, heading to a near vacuum might not be the worst idea. A Florida company is planning to fly passengers to the edge of space in a high-tech version of a hot air balloon, with a pilot and up to eight travelers …

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National Geographic adds fifth ocean to world map

(CNN) — Millions of children around the world have grown up memorizing basic facts about geography: there are seven continents and four oceans. Until now. National Geographic, one of the world’s pre-eminent and most visible mapmaking groups, has officially decreed the existence of a fifth ocean. Called the Southern Ocean, …

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World’s most expensive cities for expats in 2021 revealed

(CNN) — Ashgabat in Turkmenistan is the most expensive city in the world for overseas workers, according to this year’s Mercer Cost of Living Survey. The annual report ranks 209 cities based on the comparative cost of expenses including housing, transportation, food and entertainment, with New York City used as …

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Airbus’ innovative in-flight quarantine concept

(CNN) — As more airplanes return to the skies, airports and airlines continue to enforce measures designed to keep passengers as safe as possible while Covid-19 remains a problem. But even though face masks and temperature checks are commonplace — as are destination requirements for proof of vaccination or negative …

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