Tuesday , July 27 2021


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Covid-19 testing in schools varies

“Lots of places have operationalized screening testing differently,” Dr. Westyn Branch-Elliman, an infectious diseases specialist and assistant professor at Harvard Medical School, told CNN. “Obviously, the more frequently you test students and staff, the more expensive the testing program is. So, many programs will test a certain proportion of students …

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Solving the mystery of a 140-year-old thrift store violin

(CNN) — Hans Öqvist was a twenty-something university graduate living in Uppsala, Sweden. It was the mid-1990s, and Öqvist spent his weekends roaming the city’s cobbled streets, dipping into thrift shops to look for odds and ends to fill the flat he’d just moved into with his then-girlfriend. Rummaging through …

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Dieter Brummer, ‘Home and Away’ star, dead at 45

New South Wales Police confirmed to CNN affiliate 9News that Brummer’s body was found in the Sydney suburb of Glenhaven on Saturday afternoon after officers responded to “reports of a concern for welfare at a home on Glenhaven Road.” His death is not being treated as suspicious, a spokesperson for …

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