Tuesday , July 27 2021


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Following up with doctor who questioned Biden at CNN town hall

Cincinnati pediatrician Dr. Nicole Baldwin asked President Biden about the White House’s efforts to crack down on misinformation. Afterward, Baldwin says she was “disappointed” the president didn’t give a more concrete answer about “how they’re planning to hold these individuals and these platforms accountable for the misinformation that they’re spreading.” …

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Lemon to Hannity: You know better than to cop out

Fox News host Sean Hannity encouraged his audience to consult with their doctors about the coronavirus vaccine and even said he believes in vaccine science, despite several hosts on the network consistently pushing vaccine disinformation. CNN’s Don Lemon calls out the Fox News anchor for what he says was a …

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UN report: Africa most fertile ground for Islamist terror networks

A new United Nations report says that nearly 20 years after the September 11th attacks, Islamist terrorism remains a major threat around the world, especially in East and West Africa. In the Western world, they say, pandemic travel restrictions have played “an important role in combating terrorism.” CNN’s Nic Robertson …

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