Monday , July 26 2021


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Will tech play a role in metal forging in South Africa?

For more than four decades, SP Metal Forging in South Africa has been generating goods for the auto and mining industries around the world. CNN’s Cyril Vanier caught up with the company’s Managing Director, Ken Manners, to talk about incorporating tech and the future of the sector. Source: CNN

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Will Rwanda be the next major source of tech minerals?

As the numbers of mobile phone and tech gadgets users increase, demand is spiking for the minerals and metals used to make these devices. CNN takes a look at how Rwanda’s mining industry is capitalizing on and adding value to the country’s abundant supply of these minerals and metals. Source: …

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Senate sergeant-at-arms: We need a vaccine for disinformation

In an exclusive interview, Pamela Brown speaks with Karen Gibson, who in March was appointed the Senate sergeant-at-arms. Gibson says political rhetoric factors into the anger some Americans feel toward their elected officials and expressed concern for those who have fallen prey to conspiracy theories and “whacked-out ideas that are …

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Psaki defends Biden’s accessibility to the media

Brian Stelter asks White House press secretary Jen Psaki about political news coverage; briefing room behavior; and President Biden’s accessibility. While Biden has only held one formal press conference to date, “he takes questions several times a week,” Psaki says. Source: CNN

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