Monday , June 21 2021

Father-daughter duo creates business aimed toward helping others beyond the pandemic

BUCKHANNON, W.Va (WDTV) – Currently, roughly 250,000 people struggle with hunger in West Virginia. One due is hoping their efforts will lower that number.

They may not be superman and superwoman, but they come close when it comes to servicing communities across the state.

“We had a couple calls from people talking about how all of the federal money that was coming into the state for students that needed food because they weren’t in school for covid, all of that money was going back out of state to out of state companies,” said Director of Operations Kayla Bailey.

Just like that, Multitude Foods was brought to life and put together in just a week. Operating from their headquarters in Buckhannon, this father-daughter duo set out to be a helping hand.

“It was a crazy whirlwind of a process but when it comes to food and nutrition, it’s not something that necessarily has a long wait period, it’s a quick turnaround,” said Bailey

So far they have served nearly 2 million meals in almost all the counties in the state.

They also cater to seniors and their employees, many of whom are looking for a second shot at life and are recovering from opioid addiction.

Rachel Garrison, who recently graduated from her drug court program, is now coaching other individuals who are actively in recovery.

“We’ve done so much in our lives that we don’t think that we can change, but it is possible. There’s people like Kayla and Russ that will give us the chance,” said Garrison.

Bailey said that Multitude Foods aims to help provide people with a purpose. They soon hope to expand and help others across the country.

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