Tuesday , July 27 2021

Minneapolis firefighter says she was prevented from helping George Floyd by police officers at the scene

The seventh witness was a minor, a friend of the prior witness, who also saw George Floyd’s death.

She told prosecutor Erin Eldridge that she was in court today “for George Floyd.” 

The witness, who is not being publicly named or shown on video by the court because she’s a minor, said she was going to Cup Foods with her friend when they came upon Floyd being restrained by police.  

When they arrived, they “hear George Floyd’s voice yelling for his mom and saying he can’t breathe,” she said.

She gave her phone to her friend to record video of what was going on. 

This witness initially waited in the car and heard yelling. 

When she got out of the car, she saw Floyd unconscious, not moving and former officer Derek Chauvin digging his knee into his neck, she testified.  

None of the bystanders were aggressive or attacking in any way, she said.

“They were just using their voices,” she told the court.  

Former officer Tou Thao was being aggressive to the bystanders and Chauvin got his mace and started shaking it, she said. 

“I was scared of Chauvin,” she told the prosecutor.

When paramedics arrived, Floyd looked “purple, like he wasn’t getting enough circulation,” she said.

She did not know Floyd was dead, but she had a gut feeling that he was.  

Officers did not try to provide any first aid or medical help before paramedics arrived, she said.   

The defense did not cross examine this witness.

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