Tuesday , July 27 2021

Omaha educator takes offense to ‘Merica’ dress day theme for Cozad schools’ FFA week | State and Regional

Wymore said in his letter that the district was “surprised and disappointed” by Ventura’s communication “asserting that the school district has somehow acted improperly in allowing our FFA chapter to celebrate National FFA Week.”

“In particular, Mr. Ventura was offended by the FFA students’ decision to support the scholarship fund Folds of Honor by wearing (Folds of Honor) shirts and dressing in red, white and blue colors,” Wymore said.

Wymore wrote that Ventura, to the district’s knowledge, is not familiar with the Cozad school district in any way and has never visited or reached out to discuss his concerns “prior to making his own determination about our intentions and sharing it widely, and this is why respect and discourse, and not assumptions, are so critical at this time in our country.”

“The Cozad School District is proud of our student body, and in particular is proud of the FFA’s decision to support the children of fallen veterans. Wearing red, white and blue is an entirely appropriate way to honor fallen veterans and to raise funds to support scholarships for their families,” Wymore wrote.

Ventura did not respond to a request for comment by press time.

Cozad Community Schools celebrated National FFA last week with a dress-up theme for each day of the week, and an Omaha educator took offense at Friday’s theme “Merica.” Cozad parents in response showed up with the Stars and Stripes outside of Cozad High School Monday morning.

In response to the situation, several Cozad residents parked their vehicles outside of the high school on Monday morning, with many of them sporting the Stars and Stripes and other vehicles carrying signs stating “Cozad Cares.”

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