Thursday , July 29 2021

Video shows driverless SUV stuck in reverse on Detroit’s west side

DETROIT – Jimmy Ellerbee was on Eight Mile Road heading to his company, Nationwide Landscaping. The light had just turned green and Ellerbee started to accelerate.

He then spotted a woman chasing an SUV going in reverse on the road.

“She came close to getting hit by her own car,” Ellerbee said. “I was like ‘What’s going on?’ Because at first it’s kind of sunny so you can’t see in the truck, so it looked like someone was in the truck and she was kind of chasing after the truck.”

Before he started recording, Ellerbee was almost hit.

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“I kind of dodged it and everything but by the time I finally stopped, and I tried to put my hazard lights on to signal other people to stop because other people were just flying on Eight Mile, the car was starting to swerve around in the circle on eight mile,” he said.


As the woman tried desperately to get back in her truck, other drivers almost slammed into her.

“A couple of cars kept going, trying to to swerve past because at first it looked like a chaotic scene. Looked like somebody was fighting somebody for the car or it didn’t look like what was going on. I can tell she was concerned about everybody else making sure no one else got hurt. She was trying her best,” Ellerbee said.

He said when he saw other people stop to help, he started recording.

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“One guy in a company truck stopped and tried to put a brick down to stop the truck and then another guy tried to use something smaller then went back to his car and got the jack and bust the window out with jack,” he said. “He was the hero, whoever he is, because he hopped in, he smashed that window and then he hopped in. It got that to stop get the truck to stop.”


Ellerbee’s Facebook post has garnered more than 160,000 views.

“Now that I know that she’s okay and everybody’s okay, it’s comical,” he said. “It was like wow, on Eight Mile. Fortunately, no one got hurt so that’s good.”

Ellerbee thinks the woman may have been trying to park at a nearby business when she accidentally put the car in reverse and it somehow took off.

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